Ron DeSantis

Bob Vander Plaats said the former president is revealing his true character ― and Republican voters have finally noticed.
Former Trump voter Bob Vander Plaats hit back at an attack from the former president.
Chris Jankowski, the outgoing chief executive of Never Back Down, attributed his departure to disagreements "well beyond a difference of strategic opinion.”
Bob Vander Plaats, who is prominent in the anti-abortion movement, has questioned the former president's commitment to an abortion ban.
The event scheduled for next week will be moderated by Fox News anchor Sean Hannity.
The Republican presidential candidate claimed he had not seen the billionaire's comment that agreed with an antisemitic conspiracy theory.
Florida’s ban on pro-Palestinian campus groups is a clear violation of free speech, the federal suit states.
The Florida law penalized venues that allowed people younger than 18 to attend “adult live performances” containing sexually explicit or lewd content.
It’s been one of the Florida governor’s strangest struggles as he campaigns for the Republican presidential nomination.
The comic/actor spots some of the most awkward moments from this week's Republican presidential debate.