South Carolina

Civil rights leaders in South Carolina say they plan to petition the U.S. Supreme Court to rename the landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision that outlawed segregation.
The law, signed this week by Gov. Henry McMaster, bans most abortions around six weeks of pregnancy.
A wave of newly approved abortion restrictions in the South has sent providers scrambling to reconfigure services for a region with limited access.
Jamie Komoroski’s attorneys said she poses no flight risk or danger to the community as they requested the bond be set at $100,000.
The bill passed both legislative chambers and is heading to the governor's desk, where it is expected to be signed into law.
Authorities say a 37-year-old mother drowned one of her daughters and was trying to kill another child when the oldest daughter was awakened by screams.
Gov. Henry McMaster, a Republican, has rebuffed demands that he apologize for what many see as a racially loaded remark.
Jesse Osborne’s two life sentences are “so much more merciful” than what his victims received, the elementary school's principal told a judge.
"The last thing I remember her saying is she wanted the night to never end," Aric Hutchinson, who filed a wrongful death lawsuit after Samantha Miller was killed, told "Good Morning America."
Republican lawmakers in Nebraska, North Carolina and South Carolina all found ways to revive restrictive abortion bans in their states.