State of the Union

The audience broke out in laughter as the president let his fingers do the talking.
“Kyrsten Sinema, as she was walking by, she said something to the effect of: ‘Hang in there buddy," Santos claimed about the senator. Her office says it's a lie.
Univision's Edwin Pitti probably didn't get the answer he wanted from the vice president about the viral kiss.
Doug Griffin, a Republican, said the lawmaker "crossed the line" as Joe Biden told Griffin's late daughter's story in his State of the Union speech.
The Arkansas governor delivered the GOP’s State of the Union response & it came off as an airing of grievances for the Republican party.
"You are promoting an ancient religious rite called human sacrifice," the Fox News host said during an anti-abortion rant.
The Colorado Republican appeared to forget who was president in 2020.
The Florida Republican wants federal laws to end in five years unless extended. But he says suggesting he wants to cut Social Security or Medicare is a lie.
Most networks didn't air it, but the president stuck around for a while cracking up Supreme Court justices, telling stories and giving people comfort.
Biden's back-and-forth with Republicans may have been an early turning point in the debate over federal spending.