It's part of a larger package worth $95 billion that will go to the Senate, where approval may take time but is considered almost certain.
The former Colorado representative knocked Greene for "acting completely irresponsibly" with her talk on Ukraine.
Carried by Democratic votes in a GOP-led House, the bill is one of four foreign aid and security bills expected to clear Congress in the next few days.
Firebrand Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene said she wanted the party to meet on Johnson’s future but stopped short of saying she’ll try to force his ouster.
"Russian state television can’t get enough of her," the CNN host said of the extremist lawmaker.
House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to tie a bill targeting TikTok with legislation offering aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.
"And I'm tired of it because I didn't come to this chamber to play games," Crockett said.
Hardliners in House GOP will likely oppose the measure, which would be one of three country-specific aid packages.
The speaker’s tenuous status within his own party leaves Democrats wondering how to navigate House GOP “cannibalism.”
With the House GOP looking to move on foreign aid packages, the Louisiana Republican is striking defiant tone.