adam driver

The "Ferrari" star said "time stopped" during the traumatic incident.
The actor unwrapped the "shiny and beautiful" treat in a hilariously suggestive "SNL" sketch.
The "Ferrari" actor dropped his requests for Kris Kringle as he got behind the piano to read off his Christmas list.
“I look how I look. I can't change that,” Adam told CNN’s Chris Wallace during the awkward interview.
The actor offered a frank response to an audience member's take on scenes from "Ferrari."
The "Ferrari" star posed a provocative question for big studios and streamers.
"It wasn’t long before 'The Cat That Looks Like Adam Driver' had become a viral phenomenon. But before the whole world fell in love with the big-eared lookalike, I already had."
The "65" star promised to bring his milestone purchase to "The Tonight Show" next time.
Cozy up with impossibly chic cable knit sweaters, puffy jackets and, of course, those iconic Gucci glasses.