Adam Driver Spent First Acting Check On Iconic Sports Item And Did Something Odd

The "65" star promised to bring his milestone purchase to "The Tonight Show" next time.

Adam Driver said Tuesday he spent part of his first big acting paycheck on Air Jordans ― and never wore them. (Watch the video below.)

Driver, the “White Noise” star now headlining the sci-fi dinosaur thriller “65,” told “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon that the job was on “Law & Order.” The episode seems to be from 2010, according to IMDb. That would be about five years before the Juilliard alum would begin starring in a series of “Star Wars” movies as Kylo Ren.

Driver explained his splurge, which was the only fun money he had left after paying rent.

“I don’t know why — well, I do know why. ’Cause I wanted a pair of Jordans and could never have ’em,” he said.

“I think I went and grabbed the first Jordans I could find,” he continued. “I couldn’t tell you even now what they are.”

Meanwhile, they sit on a shelf and Driver said he doesn’t even look at them and had no intention to collect them.

“I just wanted them,” he said. “I have them. They have dust on them.”

He agreed to bring the shoes to Fallon for his next appearance. “I won’t touch the dust,” the actor promised.

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