aileen cannon

Ty Cobb said Judge Aileen Cannon is "not capable of ruling intelligently or fairly."
The federal judge in Florida who decided on the postponement is a Trump nominee.
The Presidential Records Act "does not provide a pre-trial basis to dismiss" the charges, the Trump-appointed judge ruled.
Ty Cobb named what's "pretty palpable" about Aileen Cannon at "this stage of the game."
The special counsel threatened to take the matter to a higher court.
Ty Cobb delivered a blistering analysis of Aileen Cannon’s actions in the case and lobbed in the most backhanded compliment, too.
The hearing is reportedly being held at a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility in Fort Pierce, Florida.
Tiffini Gish will serve three years in prison for threatening Judge Aileen Cannon, who is overseeing the criminal case against the former president.
The Florida federal judge appeared sympathetic to Trump's attorneys' argument that they need more time to review materials.
One of U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon's errors violated a fundamental constitutional right of the defendant.