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The Space Agency plans to release a full report about unexplained sightings in July.
The Tyrannosaurus rex is often shown baring massive, sharp teeth, but new research suggests that this classic image might be wrong.
The last dodo, a flightless bird about the size of a turkey, was killed in 1681 on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius
The lander’s power levels have been dwindling for months because of all the dust coating its solar panels, but the team will keep trying to make contact with it, just in case.
Pictures taken by the James Webb Space Telescope show Neptune’s thin rings, its faint dust bands as well as seven of its 14 known moons.
As a result, 35,000 U.S. children entered kindergarten without evidence that they were vaccinated for extremely contagious diseases.
Researchers compared the genome of common vampire bats to 26 other bat species and identified 13 genes that are missing or no longer work in vampire bats.
Researchers hope to learn why the reef seems to have been unaffected by climate change or human activities.
It’s the first time a spacewalk has been canceled because of threat from space junk.
NASA astronaut Megan McArthur described the situation Friday as “suboptimal” but manageable.