London police say they have arrested a man suspected of stealing a Banksy artwork of a stop sign decorated with military drones.
The elusive artist's recent work was taken down less than an hour after he confirmed its installation.
A BBC journalist recently shared audio from a minidisc he discovered in his home. It features a 2003 conversation he claims to have had with the artist.
Italian street artist TVBoy told HuffPost this is "the moment the student goes to the master."
“I felt really bad for him," said Steve Lazarides, who suggested the street artist’s return to the Scottish city for his "Cut & Run" exhibition boils down to one thing.
The "This Is Us" actor ratted on his own "mischief"-making from his "Gilmore Girls" days.
"Morning Is Broken" is now reduced to rubble and it appears to be exactly what the elusive British street artist planned.
The official stamp contained a blistering message for the Russian president on the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.
The anonymous street artist's "Valentine's Day Mascara" piece in Margate, England, is now missing a crucial piece.
"Valentine's Day Mascara" appeared this week in Margate, England.