Milo Ventimiglia Confesses To 'Banksy' Stunt

The "This Is Us" actor ratted on his own "mischief"-making from his "Gilmore Girls" days.

Milo Ventimiglia has copped to pulling a prank on the “Gilmore Girls” set that was inspired by the anonymous British street artist Banksy.

Ventimiglia, appearing on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” last week, recalled “causing mischief” in the early 2000s during long days filming the show on the Warner Bros. Studios lot in Burbank, California.

“I was really into stencil work, like Banksy and stuff like that, and so I cut this stencil based on a Banksy stencil of a little rat holding a megaphone with some audio phones and I proceeded to spray-paint it in different places around this lot here,” he told host Jennifer Hudson.

Ventimiglia had planned to “do it on a massive level” while filming for the show at night and then “call the studio control and say, ‘You have a rat problem,’” he remembered. “But I never had the guts to do just that, so we left it a couple times near my parking spot and whatnot.”

The “This Is Us” actor also admitted to carving his name “in a few studio locations.”

Watch the interview here:

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