Larry Fife Giberson, who graduated from Princeton earlier this year, was sentenced to two months behind bars.
Thomas Sibick was sentenced to more than four years in prison for his role in the attack on Metropolitan Police Officer Michael Fanone.
Bruno Joseph Cua will serve one year in prison for storming the U.S. Capitol, assaulting a police officer and sitting in a Senate floor chair reserved for the vice president.
The new Senate report details how the agencies failed to recognize and warn of the potential for violence ahead of the insurrection on Jan. 6, 2021.
"Aren’t you a congressperson, touching me?” the protester says in a video.
The GOP senator, who fled the Jan. 6 rioters he famously fist-pumped, got mocked for his "strength and power" comments.
The proposed legislation would let the Transportation Security Administration ban people convicted or fined for assaulting or interfering with airline crew members.
Just like with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Trump "could have picked up a phone," Dunn said. Trump must be "held accountable for his actions or inactions that day."
Douglas Jensen told the judge he wanted to return to “being a family man and my normal life before I got involved with politics.”
“This was no longer a rally”. A White House security official told the House Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection that then-President Donald Trump intended to lead the mob to the Capitol building.