The "American Idol" judge attended the monarch's coronation last May and accidentally became an instant meme.
Some Scots won’t be celebrating as people throughout the U.K. face a cost-of-living crisis fueled by high food and energy costs.
“To those who have abused me and my family, I would just say: If your aim was to hurt me, well, you’ve succeeded,” journalist Stan Grant said.
Sir Karl Jenkins was amused by rumors that he was the Duchess of Sussex attending King Charles' coronation incognito.
So, the embodiment of death wasn't actually at Westminster Abbey for the crowning of the new British monarch.
The Princess of Wales revealed the adorable moniker during a coronation event.
Several A-list adventurers saluted the king for his service in the Royal Air Force during Sunday's coronation concert.
Just in case you hadn't heard about protester arrests, Prince William's "Homage of Royal Blood," or Queen Camilla's subtle tribute to her dogs.