East Palestine, Ohio

Environmental agencies are often quick to declare the air, water and soil safe after chemical disasters like the Ohio train derailment — but huge knowledge gaps exist.
But several Republicans, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, remain opposed to the bipartisan legislation.
The disaster response has not only been flawed — it is one big conflict of interest.
Local authorities and the railroad said there is no threat to public safety.
Footage was overwritten when the train went "immediately back in service following the accident," according to a federal agency investigating the incident.
Some took advantage of Elon Musk's new Twitter policies to increase their reach and promote Moscow-approved talking points.
The actor and activist warns that the fossil fuel industry is destroying the climate — and legislators won't do anything to stop it.
The probe targets a series of accidents, including the derailment in East Palestine and a conductor's death on Tuesday.
The transportation secretary used choice words responding to the ex-president's appearance near the Ohio toxic train derailment last month.
The Republican furor over a train derailment in Trump country has led to a major bipartisan rail safety bill.