The "Life & Beth" actor and comedian shared a lengthy note on social media addressing the recent comments about her appearance.
I decided to give myself to science for the sake of potential motherhood — and the process, though brief, was grueling.
The activist and daughter of Steve Irwin wrote about her experience with the condition, which affects 10% of women and girls of reproductive age.
It's notoriously difficult to get a diagnosis for both conditions. Here are the signs and symptoms of each.
The symptoms can be constant and intense — but many people with the condition struggle to get their pain taken seriously.
The "Without Me" singer said she was feeling "fragile but excited" after undergoing surgery before the awards show.
"I sat through appointment after appointment, having my pain dismissed, being told I was 'depressed,' being told I had 'IBS,' just as they had told Tori."
The comedian said in candid videos after getting her uterus and appendix removed that she's already feeling her energy.
In a recent interview, the singer shared how "demoralizing" it felt for her to not be able to "do the one thing I’m biologically put on this earth to do."
The disorder — which causes intense cramps, painful sex, fertility issues and more — can be mistaken for other problems like endometriosis.