Evangelical leaders appear to be stepping back from Trump — and the former president isn't happy.
Donald Trump is mad at evangelicals for abandoning him after he announced his 2024 presidential run and he’s letting them know it.
The ex-president is ticked as some members of his most loyal bloc abandon him.
One ripped the ex-president for acting "like a little elementary schoolchild." Another warned that if the GOP turns to him in 2024, "we will get destroyed.”
President Donald Trump gave his first non-Fox News interview since May to Pat Robertson of ‘The 700 Club.’
The end of Roe v. Wade leaves Republicans wondering what’s the matter with Kansas.
"This was not just the typical conservative ideology that I had seen cozying up to evangelicalism over the years. This was something else."
"If you saw women from my church walking down the street in their long skirts and veils, you’d whisper, 'Look, Mennonites!' But we’re not Mennonite. We’re... Mennonlite?"
"I'm very optimistic we're going to be back," Trump told members of his new National Faith Advisory Board as he apparently prepares to make another run.
"I was terrified of disappointing God. Sex was on my mind — just like most other teens — but underneath, my thoughts thrummed a steady hum of shame."