federal election commission

In all, lawyers trying to keep Trump solvent and out of prison received $54.2 million in 2023, thanks to his army of retirees and other loyal followers.
The Trump campaign will be required to disclose the payments in Federal Election Commission filings.
Meanwhile, Trump continues to dominate the GOP cash race.
The discrepancy may suggest that raising money is becoming more expensive for the coup-attempting former president.
The freshman congressman was charged with financial crimes earlier this month.
The embattled New York congressman filed a 2024 statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission.
The request indicates an "active criminal investigation" by the Justice Department, a campaign finance lawyer told The Washington Post.
The newly elected GOP House member has already admitted to lying to voters about his work and education history.
The former president is hauling in record donations, but he's spending most of it on expenses as his troubles mount.
He's accused of delaying declaring his candidacy, even as he campaigns, in order to dodge surveillance of donations and expenditures, as required by law.