George Will

A one-of-a-kind editor's note in The Washington Post reminds us that no couple sees eye to eye on everything.
“Both candidacies are brittle,” said the longtime conservative commentator.
The president and vice president should bow out “for the good of the country” or risk a second Donald Trump term, the conservative commentator warned.
The conservative pundit cited Hawley as an example of "the worst about would-be presidents incubated in the Senate.”
George Will highlighted the former president's waning power in a blistering new column for The Washington Post.
“Graham’s lock has been picked," George Will wrote in his column for The Washington Post.
The longtime conservative commentator warned Trump's time in office may "end in ignominy."
The longtime conservative commentator also issued a "risky but fun" prediction about what will happen on election night.
The conservative commentator says it's time to send Republicans a message at the ballot box.
The longtime conservative commentator says the GOP could be looking at a historic defeat in 2020.