Conservative Icon Torches Trump As ‘Stray Orange Hair To Be Flicked Off Nation’s Sleeve'

George Will highlighted the former president's waning power in a blistering new column for The Washington Post.

Longtime conservative commentator George Will slammed Donald Trump as “a suppurating wound on American life” in a column highlighting what appears to be the former president’s gradual loss of influence over his own party.

Trump “looks increasingly like a stray orange hair to be flicked off the nation’s sleeve,” Will, who quit the GOP in 2016, wrote in his latest essay for The Washington Post published Friday.

The former president’s power to influence the GOP’s selection of candidates up and down the ballot is in serious danger following a series of “unimpressive” interventions in primaries, said Will, who noted how several Trump-backed MAGA Republicans are floundering in the polls.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “a hellacious distraction” from Trump and his allies’ self-absorption,” Will concluded. “Fortunately, their ability to be major distractions is waning.”

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