nick lachey

The "Ultimatum" host tearfully spoke about what she and the 98 Degrees singer have done to become better partners.
Some TikTok users have called out Lachey for being “mentally and emotionally abusive” to his former wife in vintage clips from the MTV series.
People across social media are slamming the dating reality show's hosts for being "cringey" and pushing childbirth on contestants.
The "Love Is Blind" co-host reached into a photographer's car and tried to grab her phone during a night out with his wife in March 2022.
"Yes, there was something sexy and enticing about all this, but there was also something demeaning about it," Simpson said. "I felt like a call girl.”
The Netflix reality show host fist-bumped a contestant after sharing a rude remark about his first marriage.
The 98 Degrees member hosts the new Netflix show alongside his wife and has made waves after introducing himself to the cast as "obviously Nick Lachey.”
The "Open Book" author has some thoughts about her former relationship with the 98 Degrees singer.
Simpson had told Hoda Kotb the couple sent her “something beautiful” when one of her kids was born. They say no.
The singer suggested Kardashian may have had an ulterior motive with a trip to the bathroom.