Rep. Josh Gottheimer is urging fellow lawmakers to back calls to defund UNRWA as Palestinian suffering deepens and other nations restore support for the agency.
The alleged acts may "amount to serious crimes under international criminal law," said the experts, pointing to reports of violence and sexual assault.
"I'm so scared. Please come," the young girl said while under fire.
An unheralded group has helped thousands of immigrants build lives in the U.S. — maybe none more than one unassuming staffer.
“It is incredibly ironic and frustrating how the U.S. government detained him for two years and then funded and armed his killing,” Motaz Alhelou’s former lawyer said.
Hundreds of Americans are still stuck in the region amid a U.S.-backed Israeli offensive. People trying to flee say they must navigate bribes and scams.
Barrera, who starred as Sam Carpenter in the slasher franchise, was dropped from the upcoming film after making pro-Palestinian comments.
Players hope to dedicate a win over Hong Kong — which would see them advance in the Asian Cup for the first time in team history — to those in Gaza.
Israeli legal advisor Tal Becker told a packed auditorium at the ornate Palace of Peace in The Hague that the country is fighting a “war it did not start and did not want.”
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict traditionally hasn’t swayed U.S. voters at the ballot box. Could that be about to change?