Paul Pelosi

The attack on the then-House speaker's husband “never should have happened," President Joe Biden said on Tuesday.
"Some of them are not that bright. But they just don’t care," lamented the MSNBC anchor.
“You simply cannot engage in good faith with these people,” the MSNBC host warned of Carlson and others in conservative media.
Musk pointedly did not denounce the concocted tale in his half-hearted apology. In fact, he indicated that he still believes it could be true.
“I’m so sorry I didn't get more of them,” David DePape reportedly said after the release of video showing the hammer attack. “I should have come better prepared.”
The former House speaker's husband was attacked in their San Fransisco home in October.
A California judge ordered the release of body camera footage of officers who responded to Paul Pelosi's attack.
Footage of the attack on former U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband will be released publicly.
Pelosi, then speaker of the House, felt "guilty" about the assault on Paul Pelosi before she called clergy to perform the religious rite, Alexandra Pelosi said.
Paul Pelosi has been going out in public occasionally, as a doctor suggested he needed "something to look forward to," according to the former House speaker.