Scott Perry

At a hearing on Russian war crimes in Ukraine, an influential House Republican asked about the president’s son.
Rep. Scott Perry's (R-Pa.) request to prevent access to more than 2,200 records on his phone was denied.
"Why should I be limited?" asked the Trump-supporting Pennsylvania Republican whose phone was seized in the Justice Department's investigation of the insurrection.
The Pennsylvania Republican said the American people "deserve to know what’s going on" via his TV hits.
The Republican first said in August that the FBI seized his phone while he was traveling with family.
Agents seized the Trump ally's phone earlier this month and made a copy of everything on it, according to court documents.
The warrant was carried out a day after agents raided former President Donald Trump's Florida estate, Mar-A-Lago.
The Pennsylvania lawmaker is the first sitting member of Congress the committee has summoned.
The panel investigating the Capitol insurrection has requested an interview with Rep. Scott Perry, a Republican from Pennsylvania.
Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) said he has "credible evidence" of a terrorist link.