Sexual Assault

The 41-year-old revealed that he immediately quit modeling after the incident, which led to an "existential crisis" and a suicide attempt.
Underwood did not identify the assailant by name but said the experience "ended my pursuit of acting."
The "Truth Hurts" singer was sued in August and accused of sexual harassment, assault and false imprisonment, among other things.
State Sen. Machaela Cavanaugh, a sexual assault survivor, wants to send a clear message that “the voices of survivors will not be silenced.”
Federal agents raided the producer's homes in Miami and Los Angeles Monday following numerous allegations of violence, sexual abuse and sex trafficking.
Producer Rodney Jones alleges Gooding groped him during a 2023 trip on Combs' yacht and is now listing the actor as a defendant in his suit.
"I will not be bullied or silenced," the "Bridesmaids" star wrote.
A judge has already clarified that there’s not much of a difference between the assault Trump was found to have committed and what most people mean when they say "rape."
Five different people have filed complaints against Darius Jeremy “DJ” Pierce.
Oh was given an eight-month sentence suspended for two years for harassing an actor in 2017.