street art

The conflict’s images are being turned into paintings and sketches with Obama “HOPE” poster creator Shepard Fairey involved in the Unmute Gaza project.
Street artist Pegasus recreated one of Perry’s iconic looks and explained why his connection to the actor made it his “most personal” tribute in years.
The Fox News anchor's flub is "just another case of their propaganda and lying to their viewers," artist Chris Veal told HuffPost.
Italian street artist TVBoy told HuffPost this is "the moment the student goes to the master."
Corie Mattie, aka the LA Hope Dealer, returned to the Florida city she once called home with a blunt message for the 2024 presidential candidate.
The Sex Pistols provided street artist Pegasus with the inspiration for the royal piece.
The "This Is Us" actor ratted on his own "mischief"-making from his "Gilmore Girls" days.
"Morning Is Broken" is now reduced to rubble and it appears to be exactly what the elusive British street artist planned.
The official stamp contained a blistering message for the Russian president on the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine.
The anonymous street artist's "Valentine's Day Mascara" piece in Margate, England, is now missing a crucial piece.