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Hollywood writers and major studios have finally reached a deal after a nearly five-month strike.
The 146-day strike cost the state's economy over $3 billion, according to an estimate.
It has been nearly five months since thousands of film and TV writers went on strike over more equitable pay and working conditions in the streaming era.
O'Donnell gave her two cents on the talk show host crossing the picket line to resume production of "The Drew Barrymore Show."
The actor falsely equated filming her show during the pandemic in 2020 — when writers desperately needed work — to resuming her show during a strike.
The late night host explained what he realized about his work amid the Hollywood actors and writers strikes.
Since May, film and TV writers in the WGA have been waiting for Hollywood executives to return to the bargaining table and move toward a deal.
This is the first time the Primetime Emmys broadcast has been postponed in over two decades.
At least seven recent "Jeopardy!" champions who were slated to participate said they would not cross the WGA picket line in solidarity with the show’s writers.
Here are some ways writers and actors want the public to support them during the strikes.