"We will continue to work with members of Congress to find an opportunity to repeal it," the Biden administration said.
In a happy coincidence, the couple's Palm Springs ceremony overlapped with the city's LGBTQ+ Pride celebration.
The league clarified what players can and cannot do as part of theme celebrations in a memo sent to teams last week.
The bans are part of a larger effort by conservative activists to push their beliefs on local public schools.
Event organizers sued after a district attorney warned he intends to enforce the new statute even after another federal judge ruled it unconstitutional.
The 27-year-old man who was later killed by California sheriff’s deputies was identified on Monday.
The star celebrated alongside his parents and friends.
Our esteemed daddies reveal the secrets to happiness in a world that tries to erase us.
The two pop stars joined forces for a high-energy rendition of "Lady Marmalade" three years after COVID-19 jettisoned their plans for a joint tour.
The “Pose” actor and singer alluded to the troubling rise of anti-LGBTQ legislation across the U.S. in a short but emotional speech.