Robin Williams

“Robin was just the greatest person ― such a beautiful, sensitive soul," said Lane of his "Birdcage" co-star, who died in 2014.
"He was the loneliest man on a lonely planet," Neill wrote of his "Bicentennial Man" co-star.
Mulaney wants to clear up a major misconception about comedians.
Jamie Costa's portrayal of the late actor has gone viral.
Zak Williams wrote about celebrating the late comedian’s legacy on Twitter.
“It’s like… how are you grieving more for someone who was my parent and I’m unable to grieve myself?”
Robin Williams' hilarious improvisations led to multiple versions of the 1993 comedy, including an R-rated cut.
Mike Nichols' memorable comedy starring Nathan Lane and Robin Williams became an unlikely smash, opening doors for more queer-themed pop culture.
The “Shining” star reflected on the widely condemned 2016 interview she had with Phil McGraw for a Hollywood Reporter profile.
Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, gave Eric Trump a reality check after he shared a video of her father mocking Joe Biden.