The Late Show

The comedian made light of his hospitalization with a joke.
The "Late Show" host spots a truly bizarre moment on the House floor.
The host of the "Late Show" makes a stark prediction about the former president's afterlife.
During a “Late Show” appearance, the openly gay transportation secretary said he might invite Speaker Mike Johnson – and his terrible record on LGBTQ+ rights – to his home.
The new Republican House speaker "will bang all night long," according to Stephen Colbert's "Late Show" spoof.
Harvey Guillén played the serial fabulist New York congressman to a tee.
"The Late Show" host also made a mockery of the Ohio Republican's would-be job title in the House.
The “Late Show” host mocked the former president after he slammed technical issues at a Florida speech on Wednesday.
The senator from Pennsylvania is known for remarks on social media that pack a punch – and he makes no apologies for them.
The "Late Show" host suggested another tee to complete Mace's "A" shirt that she wore on Capitol Hill this week.