Stephen Colbert Trashes 'Divorced From Reality' Supreme Court With Stark Declaration

The "Late Show" host questioned if justices realize "just how damaging" they are to the court's legacy.

Stephen Colbert didn’t hold back as he deemed the Supreme Court “unconstitutional” Thursday after it agreed to hear former President Donald Trump’s presidential immunity claim in the election interference case in late April, further delaying a trial in a historic case.

The “Late Show” host noted that special counsel Jack Smith “begged” the Supreme Court to rule on the issue “in a timely manner” back in December.

He added that SCOTUS “didn’t say jack” for over two weeks, as well, after a federal appeals court rejected Trump’s claim that he’s immune from prosecution for alleged criminal acts he committed while in office.

“That makes it a total of 19 weeks of delays,” Colbert said of the trial.

“These proceedings have been frozen for so long, they legally count as children in Alabama.”

He later questioned if justices realize “just how damaging” they are to the court’s legacy for stalling “over this urgent threat to our democracy.”

Colbert pointed to a 2022 survey that found “just 18%” of Americans who said they “have a great deal of confidence in the court,” The Associated Press reported.

He mentioned that the Supreme Court gains its legitimacy and power from public approval before issuing his announcement.

“They don’t have an army or a police force or apparently an HR department, they have to rely on moral authority, but they have abdicated that moral authority, which is why, tonight, using the power vested in me as a late night host, I am hereby declaring the Supreme Court unconstitutional,” he said.

He continued, “Their decisions are henceforth null and void because they are poo poo heads and completely divorced from what the people they serve want and divorced from reality.”

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