A Lighthearted TikTok About 'White People On A Hike' Became Weirdly Controversial

Many find the now-viral video relatable, while others are getting overly huffy about it.

A silly TikTok that is complimentary of white hikers’ friendly and courteous behavior has somehow become a hot topic on social media.

The video — which was widely shared on X, formerly Twitter, over the weekend — is titled “White People on a Hike.” It shows a handful of Black people parodying white hikers by doing things like moving out the of way so others can pass them on a trail, and encouraging fellow hikers to keep going because they’re “going to love the view” and their final destination is “worth it.”

Many people found the video hilariously relatable.

But others were apparently confused by the lighthearted observational humor, prompting some to interpret it as an insult.

Interestingly enough, the video is part of TikTok meme that was seemingly started by white content creators poking fun at white hikers’ politeness, according to Know Your Meme.

The site, which keeps track of social media trends, even points to a “notable early example” posted in April by user @mikelenczewski, who appears to be white.

So, if you don’t quite get the inoffensive joke, maybe make like a tree and leaf the conversation.

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