Armie Hammer Says Fans Keep Wanting Him To Autograph Peaches

The "Call Me By Your Name" star talked about his Broadway debut and Donald Trump with Stephen Colbert.

“Call Me By Your Name” star Armie Hammer says fans keep asking him to autograph peaches ― no doubt inspired by a memorable scene in the award-winning film. He hopes they’re not saving the signed fruit on their shelves.

“In 10 days it’s going to putrefy and their entire place is going to be full of fruit flies,” Hammer told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on CBS’s “The Late Show” on Monday.

Hammer, who came on the show to talk about his Broadway debut in “Straight White Men,” told Colbert he can immediately spot a “CMBYN” fan outside the theater by the peach in their hand.

“I get handed at least a peach or two almost every stage door,” said Hammer.

“The first time someone ever handed me a peach, I was like, ’Oh, thanks.’ And they go, ’No, no that’s not for you, will you sign it for me?’ I was like, ‘You want me to sign a peach?’ They’re like, ‘yeah!’ And I’ve got a Sharpie in my hand and I said OK. I sign it and as I hand it back, I go, ’You’re not going to eat that, are you? I mean, there’s Sharpie on it.’ And they go, ‘No!’”

He said he wonders what fans do with the signed peaches.

“Watch it wither like Donald Trump’s presidency,” he said.

Hammer, a new New Yorker, also told Colbert that he’s still very much friends with “Call Me By Your Name” co-star Timothée Chalamet. He said they were chatting on FaceTime amid a street fair the other day.

You can watch the whole delightful conversation above.

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