Stephen Colbert

"Put your antibodies where your mouth is," the late night comedian urged the former presidents, who've promised to take a vaccine once officials deem it safe.
Chris Krebs fact-checked false claims the president made during a 46-minute Facebook rant.
The “Late Show” host also mocked the president for showing a "surprising amount of self-awareness” in his diatribe.
"The Late Show" host thinks Arizona's Doug Ducey should change the tune to a '90s anthem on Joe Biden's inauguration day.
The former president told Stephen Colbert he would "call Biden" to remedy his "screw-up."
“It’s not a game. It’s our democracy.” The former president compared President Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the election with a losing Super Bowl team refusing to accept defeat.
But "it’s not a game, it’s our democracy," the former president warned.
"The Late Show" host spotted what could be a "tough" part of the transition.
The fake Giuliani cooked up a ghostly story about the president in the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” bit.
"The Late Show" host feasted on the lame-duck president's refusal to concede.