Biden Obviously Trolls Trump During White House Meeting With Energy Execs

The president quipped about one of his predecessor's long-running nemeses: windmills.

President Joe Biden took a blatant swipe at Donald Trump during a White House meeting with energy executives Wednesday by bringing up one of the former president’s oddest enemies.

Biden joined Cabinet members and CEOs of major electric utility companies at a roundtable to discuss clean energy initiatives.

Following one executive’s remarks about her company’s solar and wind energy resources, Biden asked: “Are all of you — generic question ― are you getting less resistance when you start talking about wind and the windmills? I know they cause cancer.

“Bad joke, I shouldn’t kid about that” he added, as laughs were heard around the room.

Trump has a long-running grievance over wind turbines, apparently mostly because he believes a “really ugly” wind farm ruined the view from one of his golf resorts in Scotland. He got into an unsuccessful legal battle with Scottish officials over it.

Since then, he’s attacked wind turbines on a regular basis, complaining that they slay birds, that the sound they make causes cancer (it doesn’t) and even that they “kill everything.” Last month he complained to Fox NewsSean Hannity that they’re “ruining the atmosphere.”

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