Chris Hayes Warns Exactly Where Fox News Is Going With Marjorie Taylor Greene

“We’ve seen this trajectory before again and again and again,” the MSNBC host said about how the extremist's fringe "national divorce" idea will play out on the network.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday examined why Fox News is willing to give airtime to fringe ideas such as the “national divorce” being proposed by extremist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.).

Greene appeared on Sean Hannity’s prime-time show Tuesday to promote her call to separate the country by red states and blue states. She denied it was a demand for secession and said it was just one for a “safe space” for Republicans, which earned her mockery on social media.

Despite Greene’s characterization of her plan, Hayes pointed out it “would amount to essentially the dissolution of the union.”

“Now, you might think that basically calling for the end of the union, I can’t believe I’m saying that phrase … is probably a bit too far even for Fox, but we’ve seen this trajectory before again and again and again,” he explained.

“This is how it goes, they may be skeptical of an idea at first but once they realized their audience likes it, Fox comes around,” he continued. “There is no view too wild for them if it’s what the viewers want.”

It is actually “one of the key” takeaways from filings in Dominion Voting Systems’ $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox News over its hosts’ pushing of unfounded claims that the company’s voting machines rigged the 2020 election against former President Donald Trump, said Hayes.

Court documents have shown the conservative network’s personalities knowingly pushed the election lies on air, but trashed them in private.

“There is nothing too out there, nothing too extreme, nothing too dangerous,” said Hayes. “If the base likes it, the base gets it. Because Fox knows where their bread is buttered.”

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