This Comedian Is Wearing An Awkward Swimsuit To Support Sexual Violence Survivors

Teresa Lee had some "Bride Squad" swimwear on her hands and nothing to wear it for.

Comedian Teresa Lee had to buy a $50 swimsuit that said “Bride Squad” on it in order to attend bachelorette pool party. But because of unforeseen circumstances, Lee missed the party and the inevitable group photos.

Annoyed that she spent the money on a swimsuit she wouldn’t get to use, Lee decided she would use it after all. She hired professional photographer Kim Newmoney to get her own bride squad photos ― but with just her.

The comedian figured the photos would get some attention, so she upped her game further, telling people she would wear the bathing suit for a full day for every $100 that was donated to RAINN, a national organization that supports sexual violence survivors.

“RAINN does some incredible work, and especially with the news surrounding sexual assault victims not being believed, it was a no-brainer for me to pick them,” Lee told HuffPost.

As of this article, the total sits at $1,030. At this amount, Lee says she will try to get into a club wearing the swimsuit. One of those annoying clubs “with lollipops in the bathrooms.”

If the donation total reaches $5,000, Lee says she will wear the swimsuit for one full dance at the wedding reception and document the whole thing. The bride is apparently “very cool” with Lee using the situation for a good cause, and even donated to the campaign.

“A lot of people want to know if I’m going to get a UTI from this,” Lee said. “And to that I say ... Planned Parenthood is another great organization that can probably help me with that.”

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