'Daily Show' Guest Host Michelle Wolf Hits Ron DeSantis With A Big Biblical Burn

Wolf made "one thing very clear" about the GOP presidential candidate on Wednesday.

The Daily Show” guest host Michelle Wolf sees a bit of one of Jesus’ followers in Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), after Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) declared himself the “Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress” as he faces potential expulsion.

Wolf called Santos the “‘It’s Pat’ of Congress” on Wednesday before turning to news coverage of the looming House vote on the embattled Republican.

The serial fabulist ― who is alleged to have spent campaign funds on beauty treatments and designer items ― went on a three-hour rant on an X Spaces livestream Friday, saying he’d wear a House expulsion like a “badge of honor” and likening himself to Mary Magdalene, a comparison that got chuckles out of an MSNBC panel.

It also got laughs out of the “Daily Show” crowd before Wolf chimed in with words for DeSantis.

“Let’s make one thing very clear. If any Republican is Mary Magdalene, it’s Ron DeSantis. I mean, with those hooker boots? Come on. He’s clearly working the streets at night,” Wolf said ― a nod to speculation that DeSantis wears lifts.

You can check out Wolf’s full monologue from “The Daily Show” below:

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