If Being A Pet Parent Is Your Loved One’s Whole Personality, You Can’t Go Wrong With These Gifts

These are the keepsakes, pet toys and practical gifts they’ll love fur-ever.
Dog hair claws, a ceramic dog and cat ring dish, a durable duck toy, a self-warming pet bed, rainbow paw print socks and a "Lick Croix" plush pet toy.

If being a pet parent is a loved one’s world, you can’t go wrong with a pet-centric gift. Whether that’s a practical gift or toy for their pet or a pet-themed pick they can wear or display around the house, they’ll love that you thought of them and their beloved fur baby.

We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for dog and cat owners on the web, from useful to unique to just plain fun. You’re sure to find something that’ll light up your recipient’s holiday — and that might just make you one of their pet’s favorite humans, too.

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A self-warming bed for cats and dogs
This self-warming pet bed couldn’t come at better time for you or your loved one, because you get to gift one of the best pet beds on the market (while it’s cold, no less) and your loved one and their fur baby get to reap the benefits. The bed reflects pets’ body heat to keep them extra warm and cozy, with no electricity required — sort of like a mylar space blanket. The heat also may help soothe joint paint and calm anxiety. The bed is covered in faux lambswool for extra plush softness and available in two sizes in a round or rectangular style.
An orthopedic three-sided bed for larger pets
Your loved one will appreciate this orthopedic dog bed, which offers extra support for larger pups to rest their head while its thick foam base is both cozy and easy on their joints. Best of all, it's also machine-washable with a waterproof inner lining to protect the bed from any accidents, a particularly useful feature for senior dogs or pups who struggle with house training.
Hanna Andersonn
Grinch pajamas for dogs
Hanna Andersson is my favorite place for pajamas because they are so exceptionally soft and cozy — and because our pets deserve nothing but the best, the brand is an obvious choice for pet clothing, too. Their prints are also adorable, like this hysterically cute Grinch design. Made with comfy organic cotton, these Grinch pajamas are available in S–L for pets; you can also check out their other pet pajamas here. For a real home run, you can even get their human matching Grinch pajamas.
The ChomChom reusable lint roller
The internet-famous ChomChom picks up pet fur so effectively that reviewers actually sing its praises. Best of all, it's reusable, eliminating those single-use sticky sheets that don't work that well anyway. To use it, you just run it across furniture in a back-and-forth motion like you would a regular lint roller, then empty the receptacle at the bottom once it's full.
Uncommon Goods
A sweet set of six pup-themed snack bowls
Fill these sweet mini stoneware dishes with nuts, Goldfish or candy, or use them to store jewelry, keys and other goods. They’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe, so you can also use them for sauces and cooking. (There's also a cat version that's on backorder until February.)
A bestselling cat hammock
Their kitty is sure to love basking in the sunshine and gazing out at the world from this highly-rated cat hammock — and your loved one will love that you thought of it.

The hammock attaches easily to a window with sturdy suction cups. It can also easily fold up when it's not in use so they can still use their blinds or curtains, a feature that sets it apart from other similar cat hammocks. It also has a sturdy stainless steel frame so their kitty can jump up and down or stretch out on it safely. It's available in three sizes with the option of an additional cushion.
A 4.8-star Ouai pet shampoo
Beauty aficionados may be familiar with Ouai, the cult-fave hair care brand, but did you know they make just-as-good grooming products for pets, too? This pet shampoo hydrates and cleanses cat and dog coats alike while adding shine and strengthening hair. Plus, its nourishing natural ingredients are downright enviable, including moisturizing aloe vera, protective rambutan seed extract, strengthening vegetable protein and more.
A "Lick Croix" toy
Any LaCroix sparkling water lover will get a hoot out of this lookalike plush pet toy. It comes in two sizes, and you can also grab it in other "flavors" like berry.
A famously durable duck toy
This duck toy is famous among dog owners because of its incredible durability, lasting for months and months of constant chewing and play. Beyond its surprising hardiness, it’s a fave among puppies and adult dogs for its fun squeak and soft, crinkled texture which makes for fun teething and a soothing feel for cuddling. It's also available in pink, blue, purple and green.
Uncommon Goods
A ceramic glasses holder
This ceramic kitty will keep your loved one company at their desk while keeping track of their prescription or blue light glasses.
Some comfy and fun cat socks
The cat lover in your life won’t want to wear any other socks once they get their hands on these adorable pairs. They come in women’s sizes 4-10 in a crewneck style.
A pair of rainbow paw print socks
Another excellent sock choice, in my opinion: this cozy black pair with adorable rainbow paw prints.
A unique paw print keepsake
Your loved one can easily make a print of their pup's or cat’s paw without ink ever touching their pet. They'll just put the pet’s paw on the clean, inkless side of a pad, which then creates a detailed ink imprint on the other side. Your loved one will be left with a special handmade print of their beloved pet’s unique paw.
A bestselling puzzle featuring 120 meowing cats
If the cat lover in your life also loves puzzles, you're in luck. This puzzle marries the best of both worlds with a graphic of 120 meowing cats. You can choose between versions with 504 pieces or 1,000 pieces. You can also grab this design in a card format to complete your home-run gift. (If you're buying for a child, a "postcard puzzle" option with 24 pieces is also available!)
A chic ceramic ring dish
This little ring dish will hold jewelry and other tiny items while looking elegant with its gold trim and white glaze. It's also available in a version with just cats or just a dog.
A Basepaws cat DNA kit
Find out your cat’s specific DNA composition by testing their DNA against 21 breeds and 50 trait markers that may help reveal their specific needs. The test also screens for common diseases your cat might be genetically disposed to so you and your vet can prepare in advance.
An Embark dog DNA test
Not only does this popular dog DNA test breakdown your pup’s specific genetic makeup by screening for over 350 breeds, it also tests for health issues so you can prepare in advance for any issues for increased peace of mind. You can even find your pup’s relatives.
A trio of dog hair claws
They will love sweeping their hair up with these adorable resin dog clips.
Uncommon Goods
A reversible robe
These cute reversible cotton robes will make wrapping up after a shower or lounging at home even better. The dog version features frolicking pups and the cat version includes nonchalant posing cats, true to each species’ personality. Plus, the robes are made with pockets and a built-in belt so you can stash your phone and wrap up as you need. It comes in one size said to fit most.
The Litter Robot 4, an automatic self-cleaning litter box
If you really want to be the gift-giver of the year, consider a self-cleaning litter box. Self-cleaning litter boxes like the Litter Robot are pricey, but as a (mildly obsessed) owner of the Litter Robot myself, I'm convinced that they're a huge quality of life upgrade for cat owners and worth every penny they cost. They provide a fresh, hygienic bed of litter for cats every time they go, with the tremendous bonus of ridding kitty parents from having to deal with cat poop on a daily basis and cutting down on odor from cat urine.

The gadget is designed to automatically scoop litter by rotating its inner shell, shaking clumped litter through a filter and depositing it in a sealed drawer-like compartment underneath the box. (Check the process out in action on TikTok or on YouTube.)
Some nostalgic pet accessories
These adorable Tamagotchi-inspired pieces are designed to be worn as ID tags on collars, but they're so adorable that I think they'd also be great on a keychain or propped up on a desk to encourage smiles. They're available in various colors and in two sizes, with the option of custom engraving on the back.
Uncommon Goods
A soft dog- or cat-themed sweatshirt and jogger set
This cozy fleece lounge set is perfect for taking the dog out for an early morning walk or cuddling up with the cat with a snack and a movie. The sweatshirt and pants are sold separately and run small, so size up!
An automatic pet feeder
This automatic pet feeder can pretty much do it all. Your loved one can choose between 40 portion sizes depending on what their kitty or pup needs and program it to dispense food up to four times a day, day or night. It can also audio record their voice to help encourage their pet to eat and increase bonding. Plus, it holds up to four liters of food at a time so they can step out for a long weekend and know their fur baby will be well fed. It's available in two colors, in an opaque or clear style and two sizes.

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