Trump Goes Full Cancel Culture As He Angrily Demands Fox News Fire Karl Rove

The former president was apparently triggered by a Wall Street Journal column.

Former President Donald Trump has repeatedly decried “cancel culture,” but on Thursday night, he proved once again that he’s one of its biggest practitioners.

Trump released an angry statement decrying a number of Republican figures for being disloyal to him and called on Fox News to ditch longtime contributor Karl Rove, who he labeled a “RINO.”

“Karl Rove is all talk and no action!” Trump wrote. “Fox News should get rid of Karl Rove and his ridiculous ‘whiteboard’ as soon as possible!”

Trump was apparently triggered by a Wall Street Journal column in which Rove criticized the former president’s CPAC speech as “divisive, controversial and embittered.”

“There was no forward-looking agenda,” the longtime GOP strategist wrote. “Simply a recitation of his greatest hits.”

Rove dismissed Trump’s gripe in a statement to Reuters.

“I’ve been called a lot of things in my career, but never a RINO,” Rove said. “I’ll continue to use my whiteboard and voice to call balls and strikes.”

Trump has a long history of attempting to cancel people and companies that have triggered him, from the NFL to HBO to the Macy’s department store.

Vice and CNN both have running lists.

Twitter users couldn’t help but point out the hypocrisy:

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