Woman Finds Her Funky Chicken Riding A Roomba

This hen refuses to stay cooped up all day.

One hen proved she was no chicken by riding a Roomba last week.

Catherine Bremner was doing chores around her farm in Australia when she noticed a strange sound.

"I was in the laundry when I heard the robo vacuum going, which I thought was odd as I was home alone," Bremner told animal site The Dodo.

Yet when she went to investigate the situation there was no harm -- but a fowl.

Her plucky pullet James was riding atop of the computerized cleaning apparatus, rendering herself a real-life robot chicken.

Fortunately for the Internet, Bremner grabbed her phone in time to record her funky chicken zooming about on the sweeper.

“I've never seen it before and I was certain no one would believe me!" she said. "She happily cruised around my house for around five minutes before she hopped off."

Plenty of other animals have taken a ride on a Roomba, including dogs, guinea pigs, turtles, ferrets and even hedgehogs.

Max the cat is the most notable to entertain the masses with his satisfying jaunts on the dirt-sucking machine. Max often wears a shark costume and channels the fish’s predatory spirit by confronting babies and chasing terrified ducklings on his robotic vacuum of terror.

But James is a true trailblazer for being one of the few poultry caught on camera actually perching upon a Roomba rather than running from it in fear.

And for that, James is a giant peach.

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