Jenna Ortega Needs Work On Her Lying And Maybe That's A Good Thing

The "Wednesday" star played "Box of Lies" with Jimmy Fallon and came up short.

“Scream VI” star Jenna Ortega might want to fine-tune her lying and lie-detector skills. (Watch the video below.)

The actor played “Box of Lies” with “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, losing two of three rounds.

Not that anyone was keeping score. The players tried to deceive each other by describing the random contents of their mystery boxes while the other had to determine if it was a lie or the truth.

We have to question Ortega telling Fallon the exact contents of her Cousin It-themed box, a nod to her “Addams Family”-connected role on the Netflix series “Wednesday.”

She worried aloud that she was being too on-the-nose in her description to perhaps throw the talk show host off, but Fallon correctly guessed that she was telling the truth.

Ortega finally won a round on the third try, presenting an alternative scenario to the actual Elvis bobblehead that was performing in a bed of marshmallows. Fallon bought it.

“I lie,” she said with satisfaction, revealing the Vegas-era King figurine.

Check out what lie Ortega told the host, and the rest of the game:

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