Jerry Springer’s Death Has Millennials All Confessing To The Same Habit On Twitter

Look, you gotta do something to pass the time when you're home "sick."

Jerry Springer’s death from pancreatic cancer at the age of 79 on Thursday brought out a lot of Twitter tributes ― and also some confessions.

Many millennials admitted that Springer’s sensational talk show was a reason they looked forward to being sick as kids ― or maybe, just maybe, pretended to be sick to get a day off from school. (Or had gotten suspended, in at least one person’s case.)

A lot of people spilled the beans on themselves:

A few people reached for a deep cut, remembering Springer’s cameo in “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.”

Another person recalled this bizarre segment:

Tributes also came from Springer’s fellow talk show hosts... well as the wrestling community.

Other Twitter users offered tributes without saying anything about skipping school. (But hey, who among us, right?)

Some people had an idea of how to memorialize the tabloid talk show host ― and yes, it involved flying chairs.

But one guy thought the best way to honor Springer’s life was with the man’s own sage closing words.

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