jerry springer

The talk show's late host might have considered it entertainment, but his guests often belonged to the most vulnerable groups of the tumultuous decade.
"Three months in, I had watched 600 episodes. That’s when I decided to go to therapy."
The notorious talk show host died on Thursday at age 79 in suburban Chicago.
"He was joyful, smart and, in his own way, a unique showman," said Povich after Springer's death.
Look, you gotta do something to pass the time when you're home "sick."
The "Jerry Springer" show ran for almost 30 years.
Unlike his guests, Trump "had this delusion [that] he knew how to run the world and run the country," Springer points out.
The former talk show host said “there is no excuse" for covering the president's coronavirus meetings "now that we know what they’re like."
“I used to joke and say that my anger at the president is that he took my show and brought it to the White House,” the former talk show host said on MSNBC.
"This man is totally incompetent to be president. He’s better on TV than I am."