Jesse Watters Turns Racism Up A Notch With Heartless Dig At Migrant Children

The snide commentary from the Fox News host isn't helping the immigration crisis.

Jesse Watters on Wednesday called migrant children “banditos” in a segment on the immigration crisis that viewers deemed racist. (Watch the videos below.)

The Fox News host appeared to take much of his reporting from a New York Post article about a Brooklyn neighborhood where migrants are being housed nearby. Watters’ “ugly,” “lowbrow” and “disgusting” take on the issue outraged people on X (formerly Twitter).

“Remember when people used to get fired for saying racist shit like this?” wrote Media Matters’ Katherine Abughazaleh, who regularly shares clips of Fox News being Fox News.

“Houseguests can only stay for so long before getting on your nerves,” Watters said in a portion about sanctuary cities. “The migrants are now causing trouble in the communities that were forced to take them in. Migrants are turning their children into little bandits ― banditos ― sending them into stores to steal food and clothes. They’re also canvassing neighborhoods, going door-to-door to panhandle, using Biden phones as translators and asking for food and for cash.”

“Migrants have assimilated quickly though,” Watters continued with a smirk, “and are now adopting one of the oldest tricks in the book: running into traffic, faking getting hit by a car so they can extort the driver for money.”

Watters later said “bad hombres” are “impacting” the whole country.

Here’s a longer look from Media Matters:

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