Jordan Klepper Spots The 'Don't Say Gay' Children's Book That Ron DeSantis Should Ban

"The Daily Show" correspondent scorched conservatives at the Free Expression Awards.

Comedian Jordan Klepper targeted the latest scourge of book-banning at the Free Expression Awards in Washington on Thursday. (Watch the video below.)

Noting that school districts have banned more than 1,000 books in nine months, “The Daily Show” correspondent found a more insidious threat that conservatives missed: the popular children’s classic “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.”

“Surprise, that book is about transitioning,” Klepper said. “He turns into a butterfly. I don’t know how Ron DeSantis missed it.”

DeSantis, Florida’s far-right governor, last month signed the so-called Don’t Say Gay law, which aims to prohibit classroom discussion about gender identity and sexual orientation in younger grades. He also dismissed a transgender swimmer’s victory as fraudulent at the NCAA championships.

Klepper had some thoughts on “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” as well — and how it reads like a Tucker Carlson monologue.

Check out Klepper’s set at the 1:03:45 mark, or forward to 1:10:56 for his book comments:

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