Kellyanne Conway Asks Why GOP Is Unpopular With Young Voters, Twitter Answers

The former Trump adviser admitted the right has "some work to do" to with millennials and Gen Z, but seemed to think Republican policies were just fine.

Kellyanne Conway just got a strong reminder why Republicans have a problem winning over young voters.

The former Donald Trump adviser went on Fox News on Monday night to discuss the GOP’s electoral chances, and she admitted to host Laura Ingraham that the party has “some work to do” with millennials and Gen Z.

But she suggested Democrats’ success with the demographic was due to messaging ― not policy.

Conway cited President Joe Biden’s plan to enlist social media influencers in his yet-to-be-announced reelection campaign, calling it a “smart strategy” and telling Ingraham she was “really concerned” about Democrats being a “turnout machine” for younger voters.

She’s right that Republicans have an uphill battle when it comes to getting new voters to their side.

A 2020 NBC exit poll revealed 65% of voters between the ages of 18 and 24 voted for Biden, his strongest age group by 11 points.

But the conservative pundit didn’t do much to woo young people herself, choosing instead to decry influencers’ “lemming-like effect” on young voters, who just “want to be part of the same crowd.”

Twitter users weren’t buying it, of course.

One young voter, 2020 Biden delegate Victor Shi, had some helpful suggestions.

“Hey Kellyanne Conway: instead of complaining how young people are voting for Democrats, maybe you & your party should actually do something to address our concerns,” the UCLA undergraduate tweeted. “Instead of taking away our rights & banning books & drag shows, listen to us & enact real policies. Just a thought.”

Other people wondered how Conway could speak to winning young voters when she has such a rocky relationship with 18-year-old daughter Claudia Conway.

“Kellyanne can’t even get her own teenage daughter to be on her side politically but sure, interview her for advice on how to turn out the youth vote,” read one post that was liked over 10,000 times.

The younger Conway is already a vocal critic of conservatives. She celebrated Trump’s indictment last Tuesday with a tweet saying she’d been “waiting” for his arrest since she “was 14.”

Check out more Twitter responses to Kellyanne Conway’s comments below:

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