Conservative Pundit Dismantles Paul Ryan’s Claim About His Influence On Fox News

Charlie Sykes questioned Ryan's apparent belief that he can "steer the network away from the craziness, and from bats**t crazy lies."

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes on Friday challenged Republican former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s claim to be using his role on the board of Fox Corp. to temper the worst elements of Fox News from behind the scenes.

In an interview with Sykes last week, Ryan had acknowledged that as a board member, he had “a responsibility to offer my opinion and perspective” on the conservative network, but said he did so in private.

In a new essay for The Bulwark, though, Sykes argued that this is just the same publicly silent tactic Ryan used during Donald Trump’s presidency.

Ryan’s comments embody the “hive-mind rationalization” on the political right “that masquerades as a philosophy: That you can serve the greater good by staying silent — in the room — and therefore relevant,” wrote Sykes.

“By staying on the board, Ryan seems to be telling himself, he will be able to steer the network away from the craziness, and from batshit crazy lies,” Sykes added.

“But here’s the thing: He didn’t,” Sykes concluded, saying that Fox News personalities “continue to push” baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election, vaccines and more.

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