Second Gentleman Knocks 'Degraded' Trump's 2024 Hopes In Blistering Assessment

Doug Emhoff didn't mince his words for the former president as he weighed in on why the current GOP front-runner is "unfit for office."

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff made his case for why a “degraded version” of former President Donald Trump shouldn’t get anywhere near the Oval Office again.

Emhoff, who appeared on “The MeidasTouch Podcast” ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address, weighed in on Trump after host Ben Meiselas asked how he gets the message out that the former president is “unfit for office.”

“Yeah, that guy cannot be a million miles from the White House,” said Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Let’s be honest, he cannot come back. He is a degraded version of the horrible person he was before. He is even worse now.”

The current GOP front-runner, who is likely to face off against President Joe Biden again in November, faces 91 felony counts across multiple cases.

His 2024 presidential campaign has included anti-immigrant rhetoric such as his “poisoning the blood” remarks and claims that he’d act like a dictator only on “Day 1” of a new administration.

Trump also reportedly plans to “scour the country for unauthorized immigrants,” annually deport people “by the millions” and build “huge” detention camps for immigrants awaiting deportation if he’s elected for another term, according to The New York Times.

Emhoff said people have to get reminded about what the Trump administration was like, noting his “dereliction of duty” toward the COVID-19 pandemic and that he “incited an insurrection.”

“He continued to lie, he continues to lie to this day about the 2020 election which he lost by a lot,” Emhoff continued.

“We have to remind people about the threat of this person, his incompetence and what life would be like, how horrible life would be like for all of us if that man somehow would come back here. We’re gonna do everything we can to prevent that.”

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