Seth Meyers Has Wacky Jimmy Carter Theory After More Documents Found At Biden's Home

The "Late Night" host shared his suspicions about the 39th president in the wake of the Biden and Trump document discoveries.

“Late Night” host Seth Meyers on Monday revealed his off-the-wall theory about former President Jimmy Carter. (Watch the video below.)

Meyers was commenting on reports that the FBI found more classified documents at Joe Biden’s Delaware home on Friday.

Biden has insisted “there’s no there there,” but the multiple discoveries at his house and a former library are proving to be an embarrassment. The doc drama follows the uproar over agents finding a larger stash of classified materials at former President Donald Trump’s home during a raid. (Though it’s worth nothing Biden willingly handed over the documents while Trump refused and fought the handover in court.)

Quipped Meyers: “I don’t get it. Do all politicians do this? Is that why Jimmy Carter’s still building houses? Just to store all his classified documents?”

Meyers showed an image of Carter doing construction through his longtime association with Habitat for Humanity.

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