Ted Cruz's Whine About The 'Nanny State' Backfires Spectacularly On Twitter

The Texas senator got called out for hypocrisy after his claim about "choice."

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) got a blunt reminder of his own views and the policies of his party over the weekend after a tweet in which he denounced the “nanny state” over smoking bans.

Cruz tweeted on Saturday:

Cruz claimed to be against “nanny-state authoritarianism” and for “your damn choice.”

But his critics were quick to point out some glaring inconsistencies with that message ― noting that Cruz is very much against choice when it comes to abortion, and his party is very much for “nanny-state authoritarianism” when it comes to everything from book bans to legal weed to drag shows.

Many were quick to call him out:

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