Tucker Carlson Says 'What Is That?' To Lenticular 'Vagina Cloud.' Twitter Erupts.

"It's not normal, no matter what they tell you!" the Fox News host declared.

Tucker Carlson on Monday expressed amazement at an unusual cloud that formed over Bursa, Turkey, last week. (Watch the video below.)

“What is that exactly?? It’s not normal no matter what they tell you!” he said with a giggle as he showed a photo on his prime-time Fox News show.

The weather channel of Carlson’s own network did a good job explaining that it was a lenticular cloud, which usually forms over mountains or ridges and is often a harbinger of rain.

Carlson moved right along to another subject. But Twitter wasn’t about to let it go — not when the cloud in question resembled a vagina to many.

They mercilessly mocked the conservative host over that.

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